Most mobile users engage in risky behavior

Even those who think they’re privacy and security conscious when it comes to mobile devices might be sorely mistaken. 

Many users are committing some basic and pretty dangerous security sins according to a Lookout survey of mobile users. The wide-ranging survey touches on many different topics, but most will be familiar to IT.

Users feel data’s at risk

The best news to come out of the survey is that most users do feel concerned about protecting mobile data and their privacy. The problem is, their behaviors sometimes don’t reflect those concerns. For instance, while 76% of users said they were concerned about their credentials being exposed:

  • 52% of users who said they were concerned with privacy didn’t read permissions before downloading an app
  • 37% reveal personal information on social media accounts
  • 35% download apps from third-party stores, and
  • 34% don’t set passwords on their phones.

And 76% of users connect to open or public WiFi – not necessarily the most risky behavior, but something that could lead to attacks.

Business takes a backseat

But just because users are concerned about security on mobile devices doesn’t mean they’re equally concerned with all data. Three-quarters (76%) of users said they were most worried about their own information being breached. Another 16% said they feared their families’ privacy would be violated.

But only 5% said work information on mobile devices was their top concern. In fact, 60% said it was the least worrisome thing about mobile devices.

Very few users are so dedicated to the business that they’d be more concerned with losing work information over their personal information. The trick for IT is trying to get them to value both equally.

Some ways to do it:


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