Who’s the most likely cyber-crime victim?

One of the stereotypical cybercrime scenarios is an elderly person falling victim to an obvious email scam. But that’s not who most criminals target.

No, it’s the tech-savvy folks who are the most likely victims of cybercrime, according to a recent study by security vendor Symantec.

The group that gets in the most trouble online: men ages 18-31 who access the Internet from mobile devices. According to Symantec, 80% of those people have fallen prey to cybercrime at least once in their lives.

The reason: They spend the most time online, so they give criminals the most opportunities to attack.

The study also revealed that while most of those folks are aware of cybercrime threats, most don’t take proper precautions such as changing passwords, keeping security software up to date and regularly inspecting financial records.

What it means for IT: Remember that even tech-savvy user groups can always use updated security training. And in fact, they may need it the most since they’re more likely to get into dangerous situations with your company’s technology.

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