Most IT pros saw a raise, still looking for more

The annual ComputerWorld IT Salary Survey found that many IT pros saw their compensation increase in the last year. But for some that may not be enough – and a career change could be in the future. 

According to the survey:

  • 67% of IT pros surveyed received a raise in the prior year, and
  • the average raise was 3.6%.

Overall, that’s a big increase from last year when only 60% of survey respondents received a raise averaging 2.0%.

That might sound encouraging, but it may not be enough to retain talent.

Looking to bolt

While almost half (48%) said they were satisfied in their current roles, 37% indicated they were “passively looking for a new job at a different organization” and 9% were actively looking. Most IT departments would be challenged to handle a 46% turnover in their workforce, to say the least.

And the No. 1 reason these workers are looking elsewhere remains salary (60%). Almost half (47%) also indicated they wanted a chance for career advancement, and 37% sought more challenging work.

No surprise then that a quarter of IT pros reported being somewhat or very dissatisfied with their compensation packages.

It’s not (all) about the money

It’s true that there’s more to satisfying work than salary and compensation. But without that to offer, most organizations will find themselves filling the same positions over and over.

What can really separate two organizations with similar salary structures, however, is:

  • Meaningful work. No one wants to feel like their job doesn’t matter. So giving staff an opportunity to try new things and contribute to the company in a meaningful way is key.
  • Flexible scheduling. It probably isn’t possible to grant every request for flex time. But in a field as high-stress and potentially frustrating as IT, allowing some flexible scheduling can help prevent burnout.
  • Growth potential. Only 6% of workers surveyed said they were looking for a new job with the same company, though it’s hard to imagine that given the choice, they’d turn it down. Consider promoting from within, especially when it comes to newer hires who may have long-term potential in high-demand fields such as app development or security.

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