Most IT pros aren’t confident they can withstand an attack

According to a recent study, companies are facing threats that they feel their technological defenses may not be capable of matching. Here’s what it means for you.

EIQ Networks surveyed IT decision-makers to see how they felt their defenses stood up to modern threats. Many had some reservations about users’ ability to defend systems, and the technology they used for thwarting attacks seemed to be seriously in doubt.

The survey found:

  • Only 27% of respondents were truly confident their technology would work against a cyberattack (58% were somewhat confident)
  • 28% said their companies were well-prepared for the possibility of a data breach, and
  • 72% said their infrastructure is not well-prepared to withstand an advanced persistent threat (APT) attack.

People and technology

Even the best technological systems will only work if they’re used in conjunction with a robust security program that consists of:

  • Policies and processes. The rules users (and your techs) are bound by can be the best way to keep your company safe. If there are well-established rules for what can and can’t be done on your networks, it’ll help ensure security.
  • People. Users can be a strong ally for security, as can the top brass. The important thing is to rely on every level of the organization in order to stay safe. As great as technology is getting for keeping systems secure, nothing will ever beat an alert and aware user base.

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