Most IT pros are now firm cloud believers

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who still thinks of the cloud as a passing trend. But there are still IT pros who have some reservations – and with good reasons, too. 

Overall, the cloud is considered a safe bet to be the biggest driver of IT in coming years. A survey of 1,200 -plus companies by Evolve IP finds that 88% of respondents believe cloud computing is the future model of IT. Broken down, 67% consider themselves personal believers in it whereas only 19% are unconvinced.

And many have already had good reason to be optimistic.

Disaster recovery and prevention top cloud benefits

Half of respondents reported that they had experienced “disaster avoidance” from moving to the cloud. Overall, 73% of respondents said it was the top benefit of cloud services, followed by:

  • more flexibility (62%)
  • greater scalability (61%), and
  • lower total cost of ownership (60%).

Of course, the picture isn’t entirely rosy. There are still serious concerns from IT about the cloud.

Overall, the top concerns according to the survey were:

Handling it in-house

IT seemed to be a bit less intimidated by the process of moving services to the cloud than it once was. Companies had an average of 2.7 services in the cloud. About half (43.5%) had managed the process internally while 56.5% used a third party service.

When they were asked if they’d try to manage the process internally again, however, 24% of those who did it themselves said they’d consider a third-party solution.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to move services to the cloud for the first time or expand your cloud footprint, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • People. Do you have the right in-house talent to handle the transition smoothly? Or will consultants or even an entire third-party migration be necessary?
  • Cost. A third-party migration service might be costly, but if the project is going to be a lengthy one, keep in mind that more of your time and and your staff’s will be spent on managing the transition that could be spent elsewhere.
  • Experience. If this is your first time moving to the cloud, it could be wise to get at least some outside guidance. If you’re a seasoned veteran, that might not be as necessary.

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