Most data centers won’t survive a disaster, study says

A recent survey confirms what many experts have been warning IT managers about: Most companies lack effective disaster recovery plans and could be in big trouble if an emergency hits.

According to the 2011 “State of the Data Center” survey recently released by industry group AFCOM, many departments have no recovery plan and severe understaffing is making it difficult to give disaster recovery sufficient attention.

More than 15% of respondents say they have no back-up plan at all, according to the survey of 358 data center managers from around the world, eWeek reports.

In addition, 50% have no plan to replace damaged equipment after a disaster, and 60% have no plan for dealing with cyber-crime.

One key problem making it tough to come up with such plans: the lack of time for overworked staffs to deal with those issues.

Just 34% of the businesses surveyed said they have more staff now than they did a year ago, while 37% have fewer employees and 29% have the same number.

However, data centers are growing even if the groups of people running them aren’t:

  1. 73% of companies are using more servers than a year ago
  2. 86% are supporting more applications, and
  3. 90% are using more storage space.

Companies are advised to find the resources for disaster recovery before it’s too late — unprepared businesses can be crippled by all sorts of incidents. That may require IT managers to convince top brass to pony up for more staff members to support the growing infrastructure.

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