Microsoft updates: Windows 10 drops soon, IE isn’t dead yet

Reports of Internet Explorer’s death may have been slightly exaggerated. Windows 10 will soon be available to brave early adopters. There’s a lot going on in Redmond. 

First the news that had the Internet overflowing with pure, unadulterated glee: that Internet Explorer was finally dead.

Well, bad news (or good news, depending on whether you have legacy systems): Internet Explorer is not, in fact, dead yet. Microsoft will still be supporting the browser on Windows 10, even as it launches a replacement using completely different code called Project Spartan.

Different from IE … but how different?

There’s been a lot of dancing on Internet Exlporer’s grave so far, but lest anyone celebrate the 20-year-old browser’s demise too much, remember: We still don’t know much about Spartan itself.

We do know it won’t support ActiveX and Browser Helper Objects. It’ll also have different underlying code than Explorer has, and will theoretically have better performance.

But beyond that it’s anyone’s guess.

Coming to Windows 10 … this summer?

The final bit of Microsoft news is that the next version of Windows (which Spartan will be attached to) is coming soon.

There’s no official launch date yet, only a launch Window that puts it sometime this summer.

For those who can’t wait – either from a eagerness or compatibility check perspective – can check out a preview of the operating system here. It might be wise to get a feel for it yourself before deciding whether or not a transition is in order.

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