Microsoft Edge: Browser’s new security feature worth a look

In the browser wars, Microsoft’s newest offering, Edge, is often an afterthought. But a new security feature being introduced on Windows 10 could make it worth a second look.

Microsoft has announced that the Edge browser will soon have a virtualization-based security feature using Windows Defender Application Guard. This is designed to counteract attacks that target browsers and prevent them from causing harm to enterprise systems.

How it works

Windows Defender Application Guard for Edge will open sites in a virtual machine to isolate them from the rest of your system to protect against malware, viruses, vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks. Admins will be able to choose which sites open in a virtual environment and which are trusted and can be opened as usual.

Any browser-based threats users encounter will be isolated and prevented from spreading to the operating system or other applications.

Switching won’t be easy

Of course getting users to change their preferred browser is another story. Many are accustomed to the ones they’ve always used (and maybe never update).

And while this added layer of security is nice, most browsers are actually pretty secure – provided they’ve been kept up-to-date (or updated automatically).

If you think this makes Edge worth a look, however, be sure to walk users through the reasons why.  Show them the advantages of the new browser and tips and tricks for importing their old settings and shortcuts. That could be enough to draw some of them over to a safer option.

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