Microsoft: Don’t upgrade to IE9 yet

The latest version of Internet Explorer has gotten some pretty positive reviews, but Microsoft has warned businesses to wait before they upgrade.

Despite IE9’s popularity, the browser is still in its beta phase. Businesses may be wise to stick with browsers that have gone through all the stages of testing.

Said Rich Reynolds, Microsoft’s general manager for Windows Commercial Product Marketing, on the Windows for Your Business blog: “Until the final code of Internet Explorer 9 is released to the web (RTW), we recommend businesses first move to Windows 7 Enterprise with Internet Explorer 8.”

Reynolds added that the high level of compatibility between IE8 and IE9 means any customizations made to the old browser will be preserved after the IE9 upgrade.

Note: Many businesses won’t be able to try IE9 anyway, because the new browser only runs on Vista and Windows 7 — not XP.

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