Many users running vulnerable editions of Java

One of the best ways to protect against malware is to keep all applications up-to-date. But it looks like many computer users and IT departments aren’t doing that.

As operating system vulnerabilities become harder to find and exploit, hackers are more often attacking flaws in software applications. One popular target lately has been Oracle’s Java — and vulnerable versions of Java are pretty easy to come by.

That’s the conclusion of a recent report from Qualys. According to data pulled from the security vendor’s free BrowserCheck service, 80% of PCs run Java — and 40% of those are using an outdated version that contains at least one critical vulnerability.

That makes Java the most frequently unpatched app out of all the software Qualys looked at.

Check your network to make sure all machines have an updated copy of Java (and other programs). You can also warn users to do the same on their home computers.

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