LastPass hacked, highlighting yet another password weakness

Password managers are seen as a savior for many companies. They allow users to make more complicated and unique passwords without having to remember them every single time they go to a website. 

But a hack on one of the largest password managers, LastPass, serves as a stark reminder that no system is perfect yet.

Attackers were able to steal account email addresses, password reminders and other information. But, the company assured users that passwords themselves weren’t stolen.

However, it reminded users that those with easy-to-guess passwords or password reminders that make the master pass obvious could be helping attackers.

And it also stressed the importance of making sure the master password wasn’t the same as any other passwords they already use.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it stressed that two-factor authentication is really the best way to protect accounts.

Close call

The biggest worry with a password manager hack is that in a single move, it can compromise every other password. That, of course, includes work passwords or accounts that may contain sensitive work material.

If you can’t get users to follow every password rule, suggesting a password manager may be one way to go. Just be sure to remind them that any easy-to-guess, easy-to-crack or repeated password on these services would be absolutely deadly.

Instead, help them come up with one killer password that they can use.

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