IT pros saw salaries rise, but some still struggle

The results of ComputerWorld’s annual salary survey are in. There’s plenty of good news, but still some not-so-good to go along with it. 

First, the positives: For the second straight year, IT pros saw their compensation (salary plus bonus) rise more than 3%. This year, it was a 3.9% increase, up significantly from last year’s 3.6% rise.

It also marks the largest growth since a 3.7% rise in compensation in 2007, pre-recession levels.

That probably helps show why IT pros are bullish on their careers. Fifty-one percent said they were very satisfied with their decision to pursue IT careers, and another 34% were satisfied. A majority (60%) said IT offers a more promising path to salary advancement than other fields.

These are all positive developments. Only many in IT aren’t sure it’s enough.

Most haven’t progressed

According to the survey, 41% of IT pros feel they’ve gained ground in the past year financially. That, too, is a jump from the recent past (last year, 35% said they did).

But 37% said they’ve leveled off economically and 22% said they’ve declined.

If you’re looking for ways to hang onto IT talent, there’s pretty much one factor that trumps all others: base pay. Fifty-two percent of IT pros said that was their primary concern.

But other factors that they said were rewarding:

  • job stability (43%)
  • benefits (36%)
  • vacation/paid time off (32%)
  • flexible schedules and working from home (31%), and
  • knowing their opinions are valued (28%).

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