IT pros need new security expertise

New technologies have brought new challenges for IT staff and new threats to corporate security. A recent survey shows IT departments could use a skills update.

For example, IT professionals must learn how to protect data involved in cloud services the company uses. About 75% of IT pros say tech workers must learn new skills in order to effectively use cloud computing technologies, according to the most recent Global Information Security Workforce Study conducted by security certification firm (ISC)2.

Skills noted as necessary by the 10,000 security professionals surveyed around the world include:

  1. A detailed understanding of cloud computing (92%)
  2. Enhanced technical knowledge (82%), and
  3. Contract negotiation skills (49%).

Likewise mobile devices are increasingly becoming a challenge for companies — 66% of respondents said mobile devices were one of their top security concerns, placing that category second on the list of biggest security challenges, trailing only application vulnerabilities.

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