IT pros like their jobs – but still want to quit

Some good news for IT managers: Most IT employees are satisfied and engaged in their jobs, according to a recent survey. But the bad news: 

Once the job market improves, the majority still plan to jump ship for other organizations.

IT employees will be more likely than workers in other areas to test the job market in the near future, according to a recent survey from recruiting firm Randstad Technologies. More than half (53%) of IT pros said they plan to explore other job opportunities when the market improves.

That’s despite the fact that most are generally happy with the positions they have now. Among the 319 IT employees surveyed:

  1. 76% are proud to work for their organizations
  2. 75% are inspired to do their best work every day
  3. 68% feel their efforts are recognized by their employer, and
  4. 63% enjoy going to work every day.

IT employees also feel optimistic about their current jobs, with 80% saying they feel they have job security and 77% believing that their employer has a great future.

However, IT hiring is picking up, and more quickly than in other areas of the job market. That means IT pros will have a lot of opportunities to make a change and companies must put in extra effort to hang on to their best tech workers.

What can IT managers offer employees to make them more likely to stay? According to a recent study conducted by InformationWeek, the things that matter most to IT pros include:

  1. Salary — No surprise here, but 70% of IT employees looking for a new job cited a higher salary as their primary motivator.
  2. More interesting work — 40% said they wanted a new job with more interesting duties.
  3. Low-cost benefits — In addition to bigger factors like salary and job security, survey respondents also cited the importance of smaller benefits that can add up and have a big impact, including flexible schedules, vacation time and telecommuting opportunities.

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