IT cuts costs, but could do more to increase growth

A new report shows that most IT departments are meeting their goals of cutting costs and increasing efficiency for their organizations. But many have room to improve when it comes to driving growth. 

The majority (52%) of IT and other leaders believed their departments’ main objective is to improve business process efficiency, according new report from Juniper Networks and the Economist Intelligence Unit.

That was the top response, ahead of fixing hardware and software issues (32%) and improving security and mitigating threats (25%).

In addition, 42% of the 474 IT and business executives say the tech department’s main strength is its ability to make the business more efficient.

As most businesses need to cut costs, increasing efficiency and cutting costs are clearly something valuable that IT departments have to offer. However, respondents from the most successful companies in the survey were more likely to say that IT plays an important role in driving business growth.

That includes respondents who said the IT department helps the business identify new market opportunities and that IT helps develop new products.

What can other organizations do to get into that category? One step the authors of the report recommend is that IT work with the heads of other departments to help pitch the projects they’ll benefit from.

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