Internet Explorer’s popularity continues to fall

Despite dominating the market recently, Internet Explorer is now used by less than half of web users.

That’s the word from one group of analysts, anyway.

IE now has a total market share of 49.87% worldwide, according to the latest report from StatCounter. Microsoft’s browser still has the lead, but the current numbers are a far cry from as recently as two years ago, when IE had a 67% share.

Currently, Firefox is in second place with 31.5% of the market, followed by Chrome with 11.54%.

Chrome’s increase has been especially dramatic, with numbers that have more than tripled since the 3.69% reported this time last year.

Some explanations for IE’s decline include Microsoft’s agreement with the European Union to offer users more browser choices, and the fact that Microsoft’s new — and well-received — won’t run on XP, still the most widely used version of Windows.

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