Internet Explorer loses ground as Chrome gains

Is Google’s Chrome browser a good fit for your users? According to recent numbers, more folks are giving it a try.

The market share for Internet Explorer (IE) has dipped below 60% for the first time, falling just below that number to 59.95%, according to a recent report by Web analytics company NetApplications.

Mozilla’s Firefox was again the second most used browser, coming in at just under 25%.

Chrome’s useage rose to 6.73%, a gain of 0.7% from the last report — about equal to the share lost by IE.

Google’s browser has gotten a fair amount of good press lately on account of its report speed and strong security features.

However, as ComputerWorld reports, the latest preview version of the new Internet Explorer 9 has also impressed experts. Though that browser will not run on XP, Microsoft has confirmed.

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