Identity thieves’ preferred source of personal info

Give users and execs in your company a heads up to check their bank and credit card statements after they travel for business or pleasure.

The hotel industry is a huge target for hackers looking to steal personal financial information — in fact, 38% of all credit card hacking cases last year involved hotels, according to a recent report by security consulting firm Trustwave.

That makes hotels a significantly bigger cybercrime target than financial service companies (19% of hacking cases), retail stores (14%), and bars and restaurants (13%), the New York Times reports.

Why is leaving a credit with a hotel such a risky proposition? Simply put, hotels deal with a lot of credit cards, and they vary widely in the quality of their security measures. Also, it’s often easier to steal from travelers who may not have a chance to regularly check their accounts.

Best bet for your company and its employees: Keep a close eye on accounts and notify credit card companies immediately about any discrepancies.

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