How online trash talk can benefit the company

There is plenty of technology available to help companies keep an eye on their online reputations. Here’s one reason businesses need to pay attention:

When correctly responded to, negative online comments can actually benefit the company.

With multiple channels on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as websites allowing users to review companies, disgruntled customers have more chances than ever to spread the word about their negative experiences.

Left unchecked, those complaints can have a lasting impact on the company’s reputation. But they can also provide businesses with a chance to boost the bottom line.

That’s the word from a study by Harris Interactive. Of customers who had posted a negative comment about a company, 68% got a response from the business — and out of those people, 18% actually became loyal customers.

And that’s not all. Among people who’d gotten a response to a negative comment:

  • 34% deleted their negative comment, and
  • 33% posted a new, positive comment.

As the study shows, it pays for customers to respond to negative comments posted on social networks or online review sites. IT can help marketing and customer service people in their organizations get set up with the right technology and know-how to monitor and respond to comments.

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