How big data is affecting IT jobs and tech sector hiring

Big Data is the latest term to create a lot of buzz and hype in the tech sector. In this guest post, Dhimant Desai of the recruiting firm The FervID Group takes a look at the impact of Big Data on IT jobs


Does “Big Data” instantly conjure up images of some larger than life futuristic entity? It should. By definition, Big Data is a collective mass of data sets that proves far too intricate and extensive for the seemingly quaint assortment of traditional data management resources. In short, with the bulk of the world at large tweeting, sharing, purchasing, distributing and searching online, technologists have found themselves struggling to accurately capture the copious quantities of information being poured into the Internet on an hourly basis. Fortunately, this quandary does have an upside for IT professionals – Big Data storage solutions and other fringe necessities this modern phenomenon presents has had a significant impact on IT jobs in the tech sector.

Big Data: Impact on IT jobs

The massive and mobile nature of Big Data has already generated a slew of opportunities for businesses operating and recruiting in the technology industry. New IT jobs specific to Big Data can be seen in three very specific categories:

  1. Storage: First and foremost, technologists need to be able to efficiently keep up with the consistently steady influx of accumulating data to ensure that nothing vital is lost. Due to volume alone, it was quickly determined that chips and more traditional storage units simply wouldn’t suffice. Instead, both companies and individual users alike are turning to cloud technology solutions to help keep their information stored and ready for them when the need it, resulting in a flux of employment needs for IT recruiters as well as executive search firms to help successfully manage these remote storage needs.
  2. Searchable: Of course, simply storing information gathered from the Big Data movement isn’t enough; users need to be able to search their gathered facts, figures and files…quickly.  Newly created IT jobs involving designing and implementing software indexing to ensure the data compiled remains searchable have added an entire new level of service and capabilities for tech sector organizations specializing in middleware strategies and solutions.
  3. Secure transmission: Big Data’s third significant contribution to employment in the tech sector? Creating strategies and solutions to ensure that the flow of data not only remains as secure as possible, but also is efficiently transmitting at all times. While keeping the information compiled safe is of paramount importance, ensuring no gaps or bottlenecks in service also plays a critical role in any successful Big Data strategy. That means many firms need developers ready to proactively address existing and impending service stoppages for optimal operational effectiveness.

Big Data’s impact felt far beyond tech sector

While the tech sector is currently reaping an extensive range of commercial benefits, it’s important to note that it’s not the only vertical enjoying the rewards associated with Big Data. The effects of Big Data can be seen virtually everywhere within the corporate, scientific and even political realm. From marketers striving to glean and analyze the very latest consumer trends to discerning the data gathered by NASA during a rover mission on Mars (how’s that for intergalactic impact?) the effects and benefits of the Big Data initiative has seeped into virtually every crevice of our “on the go & in the know” modern mentality.

About The Author: Dhimant Desai writes for The FerVID Group, a recruiting firm that specializes in helping their partners fill IT jobs throughout every level of an organization. FerVID’s team of dedicated and skilled IT recruiters can help you quickly find the perfect candidate for long term success. Learn more about them on Google+

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