Hadoop databases expose 5,120TB of data

Do you remember the MongoDB apocalypse, when improperly configured online databases exposed 25TB of data? There’s now a much larger risk that threatens companies worldwide.

As it turns out, there’s a worse situation brewing with Hadoop HDFS-based servers.

Fewer servers, more exposure

Hadoop is an open-source framework that assists companies working on Big Data projects.

Many of these online installs are resulting in the exposure of five petabytes of data, according to Shodan, a search engine for Internet-connected devices.

To put that into perspective, these HDFS servers are leaking 200 times more data than the MongoDB servers ever did.

And MongoDB is a far more prevalent system, outnumbering the HDFS servers 10 to 1.

If your organization uses online databases, avoid a personal apocalypse by triple checking their permissions and share settings.

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