Got new hires? Make sure they stick around past the first year with these 3 keys

Hiring is an essential part of most IT managers’ jobs, but it can get discouraging if your new hires keep leaving.

Employee turnover is particularly high among younger workers, so taking the time to perfect your onboarding process is worth it.

Onboarding done right

Here are three keys to ensure workers stay on your team:

  1. Hold weekly check-ins. Giving new hires tangible goals and regularly checking up on those goals helps employees feel connected to the workplace. And this way, they’re not twiddling their thumbs waiting for more responsibility. Weekly meetings also give time to solve any problems that could be on the way.
  2. Address rookie mistakes. Nobody’s perfect, and a new employee won’t know the ins and outs of your company right away. Correct bad behaviors right away, so there’s no confusion about how things need to be done.
  3. Praise “outside the box” ideas and extra efforts. If new workers stay after hours, come up with creative solutions or make great suggestions, let them know you noticed. Offer rewards, like gift cards, to encourage those unique ideas. After all, those new ideas are why you hired them.