Survey: Companies struggling to find qualified IT professionals

Looking to hire employees to fill open IT jobs in the next few months? It may not be easy, according to a recent survey. 

IT hiring is expected to increase slightly over the next few months, according to a recent report from staffing firm Robert Half.

Of the 1,400 IT departments surveyed, 8% plan to add staff in the second quarter of this year, compared to 5% that plan to reduce the number of IT jobs. The majority (85%) expect no change.

IT leaders are also confident in their companies’ overall health, as well as their own departments’ ability to secure funding. Among the survey respondents:

  1. 87% are optimistic about their company’s growth prospects in the next three months, and
  2. 77% are at least somewhat confident their companies will invest in new IT projects in the second quarter.

While that growth and the hiring boost it brings is good news for IT, it is creating a new challenge for managers: finding qualified candidates for IT jobs. Due to increased competition in hiring, 65% of IT leaders say it’s been a challenge to find skilled IT professionals.

Who’s in highest demand right now? Respondents said they were having the hardest time finding:

  1. Network administrators (cited by 55% of respondents)
  2. Database management professionals (54%), and
  3. Desktop support staff (51%).

Compared to the other areas studied by Robert Half (accounting, finance, legal, advertising and marketing) hiring managers in IT are having the most difficulty finding employees.

Previous reports have also found demand for IT professionals to be high right now, though other research has also shown different skill sets to be in high demand — including skills in newer tech areas such as cloud computing and mobile application development.

Regardless of what skills companies are looking for, the message is clear: Companies will face a lot of competition when it’s time to fill IT jobs.

It may be wise for IT managers to look for ways to improve recruiting efforts now — and develop plans to retain current employees as new opportunities become open. Read our earlier post for more information on improving IT recruiting and retention.

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