Facebook’s dislike button is coming … but scammers are there first

By now you’ve probably heard the very, very important news that Facebook is working on a so-called “dislike” button. 

This button will, of course, render moot the ever-witty “Ugh, I wish there was a dislike button!” post that makes up about 90% of Facebook comments. But that’s in the long-term.

In the short-term, it means hackers are latching onto the news in order to infect users’ systems.

Rise of the scammers

That’s led to an increase in the number of scams in which users are offered early access to the “dislike” feature on Facebook if they accept an invitation within a certain amount of time, according to Graham Cluley. Then users wind up infected with malware that spreads malicious code or subscriptions to “services” that charge a pricey rate for text message spam.

Facebook scams probably won’t demand a lot of your time as an IT manager. They’re serious threats, and there’s always bigger fish to fry when keeping your systems safe.

But it’s good to include an annual update for users on the dangers of social media (and to review your social networking policies).

Touching briefly on threats could also be a good way to get users to pay a bit more attention to other security issues. Consider including:

  • phishing attempts
  • scams and malware, and
  • oversharing or sharing sensitive material.

These are topics everyone would be interested in, and could be a natural segue to how to talk about security as a whole.

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