Executives’ top 5 complaints about IT

A top concern for most IT departments is getting better aligned with the needs and goals of the business. To do that, most executives say IT must do a better job in several key areas. 

Technology is critical for businesses to function and grow, and likewise, support from the business side is crucial for IT departments to get projects and initiatives off the ground. That’s why it’s more important than ever for IT and the rest of organization to communicate and stay on the same page.

To do that, most IT departments will need to work on how they are perceived by the business side.

Most business leaders lack confidence in IT teams, according to a recent survey from Forrester.

The top complaints fall into these five areas:

1. User training and support

Among the 474 business executives surveyed by Forrester, only 31% said their company’s IT department maintains a set of business-centric services that the business can easily understand. In other words, IT often doesn’t give users the tools they need and doesn’t offer the necessary support for what is being offered.

2. Knowledge of business processes

One specific problem contributing to the above issue may be that IT doesn’t offer the right tools because the tech team doesn’t understand how the rest of the organization works. Just 34% of the execs polled said IT has strong business analysis and business process design skills.

3. Project management

IT often has trouble getting support for projects, because the executives in charge don’t trust that those projects will be managed properly. Among the executives surveyed, only 39% said the IT department has the ability to regularly deliver projects on time and on budget.

4. Back-office support

Only 40% of the business leaders in the survey said that IT provides efficient and effective support for back-office applications and processes. Users also often complain about IT’s cumbersome help desk process.

5. Collaboration

And finally, survey respondents lodged a complaint that IT managers probably also often have: that IT and the business side don’t communicate and collaborate enough. Just 43% of respondents said IT collaborates with the rest of the organization on business strategy and innovation.

In many companies, communication is likely the key that’s missing. It’s important for IT managers to communicate with the business more so they can get a better sense of what areas need improvement and then focus their efforts accordingly.

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