Employees thankful for remote access to work e-mail

Looks like many folks were getting up from the dinner table on Thanksgiving to check their work e-mail.

It seems like the constant checking in with co-workers hardly slows down, even during major holidays. According to a recent survey by e-mail software maker Xobni:

  • 79% of U.S. employees say they’ve received work-related e-mails on holidays
  • 59% said they’d be checking their e-mails this holiday season, and
  • Of  those, 28% said they’ll be checking their messages multiple times during the day.

Of those who received work e-mails from co-workers or clients while they were off for the holidays, 41% said they were either annoyed, frustrated or resentful about being distracted during their celebrations and time off.

However, a solid 19% said they were actually thankful they had work-related e-mails to distract them during those  get-togethers.

So much for rest and relaxation and happy holiday family gatherings.

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