Emails with Syrian president leaked after hackers guessed password

We recently reported on business users’ propensity to choose simple and easy-to-hack passwords. It looks like foreign governments face the same security problem.

The hacker group Anonymous recently leaked hundreds of emails from the office of Syrian President Bashar al Assad. The messages were taken after the group gained access to the accounts of several of Assad’s closest aids.

How were those accounts hacked? Members logged in using the password “1234,” The Telegraph reports.

The leaked messages included correspondences between Assad and media advisers on how to “manipulate” the American media, in preparation for Assad’s interview with Barbara Walters.

How many users in your company use “1234” or a similar password to protect their email or other sensitive information? Chances are it’s more than a few, according to a recent report on business users’ password habits.

Many companies could probably benefit from IT taking another look at its password policies and offering updated password training for users.

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