Do tech job ads discriminate against American IT pros?

Despite laws against the practice, a recent report says many IT job listings display a preference for foreign-born workers. 

That’s the word from a new report published by IT advocacy organization Bright Future Jobs.

The report lists 100 ads found on IT job board that the organization says are written to attract foreign workers seeking or holding visas, and exclude American IT professionals.

The ads in question were posted earlier this year, from January to March. They were found by searching for terminology describing visa programs, which Bright Future Jobs says organizations are using to attract foreign citizens. For example, many of the ads mentioned Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT), which are visa programs for foreign students and recent graduates from American colleges.

Several listings included those terms in the title, using terminology such as “OPT Jobs” and “Hiring OPT Consultants for Training and Placements.” In addition, 37 of the 100 job ads used no IT terms in the title, but only terminology for visa programs.

Also, more than half (57%) offered green card sponsorship, and 68% offered H-IB visas.

Dice has a policy against discriminatory ads and says it actively searches for listings on the site that contain problematic language.

However, Bright Future Jobs says the ads it found may violate laws prohibiting employers from discriminating against job applicants based on their national origin, as well as regulations for visa programs. The organization is also pushing Congress to adopt legislation requiring organizations to seek American citizens to fill jobs before targeting visa holders.

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