Consumer Reports to begin ranking products on security

This may not be the leap in Internet of Things (IoT) security that’s sorely needed, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. 

Nonprofit Consumer Reports, a buying guide and product review service, is going to start considering cybersecurity and privacy in its rankings.

It’s a sign that people are no longer thinking of devices just in terms of cost and value. With connected devices often lacking to protections and update schedules of their Internet connected computer and phone predecessors, they could be seen as an easy target for attacks.

Change in security perception?

If even traditional organizations are starting to value security as much as they do other quality metrics, it’s certainly a sign that things may be changing. But just how much weight the group’s new rankings carry with the average consumer remains to be seen.

When faced with a cheaper or more flashy alternative, it’s likely that most users would continue to ignore security. And it may not be enough of an incentive for IoT companies to change their ways and start cleaning up their act.

If this is the beginning of a trend, however, it could mean that someday consumer- and enterprise-grade devices will be treated with a security-first mentality.

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