IT’s guide to cloud computing security

Despite some significant cloud security concerns, many businesses are going forward with their plans to adopt cloud computing services — even when it requires uploading sensitive data to the Cloud. 

About half of organizations put sensitive data in the hands of a cloud computing service provider, according to a recent Ponemon Institute survey of 4,000 IT pros.

Many of those companies are highly aware of security risks — and in fact, the companies in the study that have the strongest IT security demands are actually more likely to put sensitive data in the Cloud. It seems that those organizations believe the Cloud can be secure if it’s managed properly.

One key: Make sure data is encrypted.

However, that’s not always simple, as there are many different ways to go about encrypting data in the Cloud. Among the companies surveyed by Ponemon:

  • 38% encrypt data as it’s transferred
  • 35% encrypt data before it’s transferred so it remains encrypted in the cloud
  • 27% encrypt within the cloud environment
  • 16% encrypt selectively at the application layer, and
  • 11% let the cloud computing provider encrypt data as a service.

Experts recommend organizations find out what providers are doing and make sure your encryption plan covers any remaining cloud security holes. Organizations should weigh the options considering how well protected the data needs to be.

For more information on how to protect the sensitive data being uploaded to the Cloud, read our complete guide to managing cloud security risks.

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