Companies keep IT out of the loop on security

Bad news from a recent survey: It seems the folks in charge of protecting their company’s digital data often aren’t kept informed about security breaches and challenges.

More than 82% of the 430 IT pros recently surveyed by Application Security Inc. said they played some kind of role in their company’s security.

Yet just 4% said they were kept fully informed about security breaches in their organizations.

That’s apparently led to lack of understanding about why breaches had occurred — 80% of respondents who said their companies had been hit by a breach in the past year didn’t know what IT components may have been impacted, and 90% didn’t know the financial impact on the organization.

All in all, 33% of the IT pros surveyed confessed they didn’t have a good understanding of the security threats their companies face.

The folks behind the survey stress the importance of improving communication about security, so IT can focus its energy where the dangers are.

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