Businesses need IT pros with cloud computing skills

One effect of the increasing importance of cloud computing to businesses and IT departments: There are many cloud jobs out there for IT pros with the right skills and experience. 

The popularity of cloud computing is rising, according to recent research from industry association CompTIA. The number of organizations using cloud services has gone up for the third straight year, and among the 500 IT and business leaders surveyed, 85% said they feel more positive about the Cloud than they did a year ago.

The rise in cloud computing is changing the way IT departments operate, CompTIA says. Instead of hiring IT staff to manage in-house systems, many tech positions are becoming cloud jobs, which require IT pros that know how to manage services in the Cloud.

Overall, how is the move toward cloud computing affecting IT staffing levels? While some industry observers have been warning that greater use of cloud services means companies will need fewer IT employees, that hasn’t been the case at most organizations — just 23% of businesses have reduced IT headcount following a transition to the Cloud, according to CompTIA’s survey.

The Cloud has forced some changes to IT departments, as 32% of respondents said their organizations restructured their IT staff in response to cloud deployments. Among those, 46% created brand new roles related to cloud computing. Often, that actually led to increased IT headcounts, as 28% said they hired new staff to fill those cloud jobs.

That means IT pros with skills and experience in cloud computing are in high demand now, and should continue to be in the future. What kinds of cloud jobs are businesses looking to fill? The top roles companies have added to their IT departments, according to CompTIA’s survey, are:

  • Staff that knows how to build private clouds (69%)
  • Liaisons between different departments (64%)
  • Integration specialists (63%)
  • Cloud architects (61%), and
  • Compliance specialists (44%).

In addition to hiring new staff, two-thirds of those companies said their IT staff has received new training to boost their cloud computing skills.

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