Cloud hype seems to be justified

A survey by Tata Communications looked to answer a pretty simple question: Has the cloud lived up to your expectations? Well, the results are in, and the verdict is … 

Yes. Mostly.

According to the survey 85% of respondents said that the cloud has lived up to the hype, with 23% saying that it had actually exceeded their expectations.

But IT isn’t the only department getting in on the cloud game.

Organization-wide adoption

The cloud is one of those rare tech categories that’s penetrated so far that users actually understand its benefits – or at least are willing to accept it. In fact, 90% of respondents said that requests from other departments had influenced the decision to implement the cloud.

IT has been used to dragging users into new technology kicking and screaming in many cases. So this is certainly a change in how the business sees things.

Of course, that’s not always a good thing: Another recent survey found many IT pros are being pressured into adopting cloud apps and services without them being fully secured first. And that’s obviously not a good situation to be in.

Security is holding some back

Nearly six in ten respondents were hesitant to push too far too fast. According to the survey, 57% even reversed course, migrating data back from the cloud to in-house due to security and data protection concerns.

That could mean that some companies are in fact past the hype and the adoption phases and are now concerned about things they hadn’t considered before.

One thing’s for certain: For the time being, most are satisfied with the returns they’ve gotten overall.

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