Can’t get rid of IE6? Here’s a solution

Despite the fact that the browser’s almost a decade old and known to have security issues, a lot of businesses are still using Internet Explorer 6.

The reason: compatibility. New versions of the browser won’t render sites or run applications designed specifically for IE6. That means there are a lot of businesses that bought or developed software they won’t be able to use if they change browsers.

According to web metrics company Net Applications, IE6 commands 15% of the market, making it the third most popular browser out there. A lot of that is attributed to businesses that need IE6 to run certain software.

In fact, a recent Gartner study reports that 20% of firms will have a difficult time switching to Windows 7 specifically because the new OS comes bundled with IE8.

One solution: a soon-to-be-released IE8 add-on that will run IE6 inside an IE8 tab.

Dubbed UniBrows, the tool is currently in its Beta phase. For more information, visit here.

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