A big BYOD issue many companies forget

Most IT departments are worried about security when companies let their users bring personal devices to work. However, there is another big issue techs should take into consideration: employee privacy. 

BYOD programs can help organizations increase productivity and morale. Accessing company information no matter where they are gives users constant connection to their work.

However, companies also need to manage how those devices are used to avoid new risks. Most companies are already tackling the issue of data security, but it’s also important to pay attention to the issue of device ownership.

Writing a successful policy

Transitioning to a BYOD program changes who owns a device. When designing new policies, it is imperative to recognize that the company can’t use a personal device as it pleases. While trying to control and manage BYOD, it’s important for IT to avoid overstepping its bounds.

Keeping in mind these topics will help develop a policy that both users and companies can agree to:

  • Ensure user privacy: Because the company does not own the mobile device, it’s important to make sure personal information is kept safe and remains untouched. Creating a policy that outlines what the company is and is not allowed to do will make sure users understand their personal information will be kept private.
  • Policy management: Mobile device management (MDM) will allow techs to see if a user device is secure. MDM can help control and protect that data that users want to put on their mobile device. This permits users to put company information on their phone with some precautions. But make sure there are rules in place for how IT staff can use this software.
  • Use tools that divide phones into “work” and “personal” halves: Writing a list of what information and applications belong to the company will guarantee the divide between what is personal and what belongs to the company. That way, if a device gets lost or a user leaves the company, the business information can be wiped without problems.

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