Are you ready for IPv6?

The end of Internet Protocol Version 4 is here. Here’s how to make sure your business is ready for what’s next.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), which assigns IPv4 addresses, is expected to hand out the final address on Thursday, February 3, ComputerWorld reports.

The supply of IPv4 addresses has been nearing depletion for a while now, and the IANA, along with other involved organizations with hold an event to commemorate the final allocation.

What’s it mean for IT? Experts are urging businesses to start getting ready now so they’re prepared to support IPv6’s 128-bit addressing by 2012.

There are transition mechanisms available to help network administrators gradually move from IPv4 to IPv6, including:

  1. Dual Stack, which allows IPv4 and IPv6 to run side-by-side on networks, and
  2. Carrier-grade NAT that lets multiple customers share a single IPv4 address.

Is your business ready for the transition? You can find out by taking an IPv6 readiness quiz here.

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