Analyst: The cloud is like dating (really)

IT pros have used a wide variety of analogies, tricks and visuals to try to get non-techies to understand the cloud. But here’s one we never thought we’d see. 

In a recent Data Center Knowledge piece, Fredrik Schmidt of Accelerite explains that choosing a cloud provider can be like dating or a marriage – and comes out firmly anti-marriage in the post’s overall analogy.

3 advantages to ‘dating’

The argument is essentially that it’s better to keep things casual than to get locked in to a long-term relationship.

Here are some reasons why:

1. Fear of commitment

If you’re in a committed relationship with one and only one provider, you’re not going to learn much about what else is out there or what else is out there.

It’s better to try a variety of providers and find out what you like from each than to take just one, for better or worse.

2. Your vows can be broken

Cloud contracts don’t require exclusivity. If you want to take on multiple providers at the same time in order to fill in areas of weakness or as a safeguard, you’re free to do so.

3. No such thing as divorce

Everyone’s going to be on their best behavior during the honeymoon phase – but what happens when that wears off?

Soon partners can start to take each other for granted.

The ability to dump bad providers or learn from your mistakes is much better than being locked into a less-than-ideal partnership.

Beyond the analogy

No matter your feelings on the analogy itself, spreading your organization across many cloud providers can be advantageous in many ways:

  • Playing them off each other. If you want to negotiate more favorable terms, there’s nothing better than being able to say “I know someone who can offer me better terms” – and being able to prove it.
  • Having insurance. Providers may attempt to raise rates, cut services, merge with a larger provider or change terms. It’s not ideal to be locked in with that provider. It’s better to be able to shift to another trusted partner instead.
    And there have been nightmares where cloud providers go under, forcing IT to scramble to adjust and switch more quickly than is ideal.
  • Shifting capacity. If you want flexibility to handle unpredictable loads, you can always shift capacity from one provider to another.

That said, if you’ve found the one – a provider who has what you need at a price you can live with – go for it.

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