4 tips for meetings that won’t waste people’s time

In the minds of many managers, regular staff meetings are a necessary evil. And to some staff members, they’re just evil. But here are some keys to holding meetings that accomplish their goal without hurting productivity.

Organizational effectiveness expert and author Thomas Kayser recommends managers take a few moments before meetings to think about some vital questions. Keep the acronym PDORA in mind.

PDORA stands for:

  • Purpose. If you don’t have an answer to the question, “Why are we here?” consider cancelling the meeting.
  • Desired Outcome. After spelling out the purpose, the next step is identifying what you expect to accomplish by the time the meeting’s over.
  • Assigned Roles. Figure out beforehand who will be in charge of what during the meeting — from the facilitators to presenters to the minute-taker.
  • Agenda. Map out how long various topics are likely to be discussed, and note the employees that are presenting at the meeting.

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