3 cloud computing skills in high demand now

Initially, many observers in IT worried that cloud computing would eliminate IT jobs as companies put more parts of their operations in the hands of service providers. However, right now it seems that the trend has simply created a demand for new types of IT skills.

Companies are finding those cloud computing skills hard to find, according to a recent study from CompTIA. The report cites a mass adoption of cloud computing, with 90% of organizations now using some type of cloud service.

Managing all of those cloud deployments takes a knowledgeable IT staff, and with everyone looking, those people hard to bring on board.

The top cloud computing skills companies are struggling to find now:

  • Procurement and planning — The good news is that fewer companies are using rogue cloud deployments done without input from IT. Nearly all organizations (90%) have involved tech staff in the cloud planning process, with the majority (54%) giving IT final approval. As companies begin to realize that moving to the cloud takes a lot of planning and tech expertise, they need to hire IT pros with the skills and experience necessary to make the right decisions.
  • Integration — The biggest challenge organizations have when planning and choosing cloud services is making sure all of those applications in the cloud can work together.
  • Security — Another top challenge of cloud computing is keeping data secure when it’s no longer held on site. That requires IT pros that know how to choose the most secure options in the cloud, as well as how to take necessary steps on the company’s end to protect when it’s transferred.

Train your IT staff

Of course with the high demand for employees with cloud skills, those IT pros could be expensive to bring on board — if they can even be found at all. A report released last November by IDG and Microsoft estimated that 1.7 million cloud jobs were open and waiting to be filled at that time. The authors predicted that number will rise to 7 million by 2015.

To beat the skills shortage, experts say the right approach is to find the best IT employees, and invest in cloud skills training for them.

Employees in cloud computing jobs typically need skills in other areas, such as infrastructure, development, networking, etc., so it makes sense to find people who specialize in those areas and offer them cloud training.

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