2 of the 10 highest paying jobs will be in IT

We’ve written before about how stressful IT jobs can be. But according to some experts, working in technology is set to become more rewarding in other ways.

The analysts at 24/7 Wall Street, a firm that provides analysis and commentary for equity investors, have come up with a list of what they believe will be the most in-demand jobs over the next decade.

Researchers looked at jobs data from the Bureau of Labor statistics since 2008, and projected what will become the highest-paying jobs in 2018.

Coming in at numbers four and six, respectively: software engineer and systems analyst.

Software engineers, projected to have a median income of $94,180 in 2018, are expected to be in higher demand due to the increasing prominence of cloud architecture and mobile applications. The need to find people to write code for those new platforms will lead to more than 175,000 new software engineering jobs being created during that time frame, 24/7 Wall Street says.

As for systems analysts, their IT skills will be needed because of businesses’ increasing need for digital communication, often between employees physically located far from each other. Building and maintaining a robust network will be critical, as will keeping those networks secure. Systems analyst jobs will increase by an estimated 108,100 in 2018 and they’ll pay an average of $77,000 annually.

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Of course, all that is good news for the people working those jobs — but it could create a difficult time for IT managers charged with hanging on to their best workers with those IT skills even when competitors may offer a higher salary.

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