The 7 worst holiday gifts from bosses

Handing out gifts to your IT employees this holiday season? Hopefully, you’ll avoid repeating one of these seven real-life horror stories. 

Here are some of the worst holiday gifts staff members have ever gotten from their managers, courtesy of Suzanne Lucas on CBS’ MoneyWatch:

  • Before Thanksgiving, one company’s management brought in 50 frozen turkeys, one for each employee. It seemed like a nice gesture — until employees realized there wasn’t enough room in the company’s refrigerator for all 50 turkeys.
    Even worse: Managers didn’t let any employees go home and drop off the thawing birds.
  • At a company gift exchange, an employee received a few rolls of toilet paper from her manager, wrapped in a nice box. And, for unexplained reasons, the boss also included a photo of himself.
  • Managers often give employees boxes of chocolates or other edible treats. But one year, a group of four managers went the cheap DIY route and gave their employees a small bag of beans and seasoning plus a recipe for bean soup.
  • At one staff member’s annual Christmas lunch, her boss gave her a mug. That’s not a terrible gift, but it was made much worse when the employee went back to the office and found a bill for both the mug and lunch on her office chair.
  • Employees at another company were invited to attend an annual holiday party along with a guest. First, workers were asked to pay for the guest to attend. Then the firm said staffers had to pay for both the guest and themselves.
    Worst of all: Word eventually got around that the money employees were paying to attend was being used so execs could still go for free.
  • One employee provided a whole list of terrible holiday gifts over the years spent at one company: an orange/purple cloth, three empty boxes, a pack of Kleenex, a votive candle and buy-one-get-one-free hand lotion. And to prove the boss wasn’t just bad at giving Christmas gifts, the employee didn’t even get a card when retiring after working for him for 33 years.
  • Employees in one department each received a $70 bonus one year. While that may not sound too bad, it was after they were forced to chip in $100 each to get a present for the company’s CEO.