Workers stressed out? How to talk to your employees when the going gets tough

It’s inevitable: As a manager, you’re going to deal with employees at their wit’s end.

Whether it’s dealing with job-related stress or personal issues, your workers will likely come to you when they need help.

4 main tactics

If you’re dealing with an employee who’s not handling stress well, stay aware of these essentials:

  1. Avoid judging. The last thing someone who’s under a lot of pressure needs is additional judgment. Chances are, that person is already judging themselves plenty for not being able to handle their stress or get things done.
  2. Acknowledge the issue. Sometimes the best thing to do is to tell your workers you understand why they’re stressed out. Having someone validate their concerns and recognize their feelings can go a long way.
  3. Offer praise. Giving an employee a compliment can take his or her mind off the task at hand and provide a moment of relief.
  4. Help out. We know you’re probably incredibly busy, but when possible, offer assistance to employees who are drowning. When they succeed, the whole company does.


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