Workers distracted during meetings? Use these 4 strategies to get their attention

We all know the frustration of preparing for an important meeting, only to have employees stare at their electronics the entire time.

So how do you make sure everyone is paying attention to the meeting, not Facebook or email?

4 ways to keep focus

There are four key tactics you can use to manage meetings and keep all attendees on track:

  1. Show how the meeting’s relevant to them. Employees will jump on their phones or laptops as soon as they get bored, so you’ll want to prioritize the relevant info right away. That way, they can see the importance of being there — and paying attention.
  2. Tell everyone when the meeting will start and when it’ll end. Workers will understand that you’re respecting their time and value them for being at the meeting, so they’ll respect yours, too.
  3. Stay on topic. If a different topic comes up, save it for another meeting. This will also help you keep to the schedule.
  4. Don’t publicly reprimand employees for breaking the rules. Speak to them after the meeting if necessary, but embarrassing them in the meeting breeds resentment and distracts everyone else.


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