Workers can’t afford to take a vacation

A staggering 24% percent of full-time workers report they cannot afford a vacation this year. Here’s why that’s a bad thing for managers.

A recent study from CareerBuilder shows financial constraints and demanding work schedules are holding workers back from enjoying some relaxing time off.

The CareerBuilder report showed that another 12% of workers said they can afford a vacation, but they don’t have time to take one this year. And among those who will take time off, 30% said they will contact their employer while they’re vacationing.

Just 36% said they wouldn’t feel guilty about taking a vacation. 24% are planning a 3 to 5 day vacation, or weekend getaway, while 25% percent are planning a vacation between 7 and 11 days. Only 11% expect to be gone for two weeks or longer.

That’s a bad thing because vacations will increase employees’ performance at work, and will help them feel less stressed. Occasional rest and relaxation generates creative energy and produces higher quality output.

Here’s how managers can encourage employees to get necessary rest:

1. Ask them for plenty of notice Ask employees about summer plans in advance so you can plan ahead.

2. Don’t guilt-trip them A frazzled 12% of workers said they feel guilty when they’re on vacation. To avoid increasing those feelings, don’t contact staffers while they’re away, unless it’s an emergency.

3. Inform them about discounts Tell your workers to check in with your company’s intranet or HR department to see if your company offers travel discounts.

4. Make sure they’re covered Cross-train your employees so their co-workers are covered while they’re gone.

5. Use ‘em or lose ‘em Tell your employees to take days off! If they can’t fit in a full-length vacation, encourage them to take a long weekend, or a mid-week break. Of the workers surveyed by CareerBuilder, 16% said they didn’t have time to use their days off, and frankly, that’s a shame.



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