Windows users: Time to disable QuickTime

Apple has announced that it will no longer update QuickTime for Windows users. That means it’s time to relegate the software to the garbage bin of technology. 

The announcement comes as two critical vulnerabilities were found on QuickTime within the past two weeks. Both vulnerabilites could be triggered if users visit affected websites or open malicious files. Apple said that it has ended QuickTime for Windows support, which means any computers that have the plug-in installed could be at higher risk of viruses or malware.

And no less than the Department of Homeland Security is now warning users and companies to remove QuickTime from their machines immediately.

Keep an eye out for expiration dates

Nothing gold can stay, and products reach end of life and end of support all the time.

In most cases, this is something you see coming and prepare for. You know you need to migrate away from an app or service that will soon be obsolete and devote resources to doing so.

But chances are you haven’t thought much about QuickTime in a while (if ever). It’s just one of those programs that’s often sitting on machines, not being used much at all even by the users who downloaded it.

These can be some of the most dangerous products. Whether you’re thinking about them or not, those vulnerabilities still put your systems and users at risk.

Make sure to keep up on industry news to be sure these stealthy end-of-life cycles don’t sneak up on you.

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