‘Windows Blue’ OS leaked: What can we expect from Microsoft’s update?

An updated version of Windows 8, originally referred to as “Windows Blue,” is due for release this summer. Will the update convince more businesses to switch to Microsoft’s latest OS? 

It was reported last month that Microsoft was working on a project codenamed Windows Blue. And now, it looks like the secret project will in fact be Microsoft’s next operating system — or at least an update to its current one.

A source within company allegedly revealed the real name of the product it was working on to ZDNet: Windows 8.1.

But other than that name — which Microsoft has not officially announced yet — we still don’t know that much about Windows Blue.

Using Windows 8.1 would signify a new naming convention for Microsoft, and observers have been debating what exactly that signifies. Some predict the update may be the first Windows 8 Service Pack, but will just be called Windows 8.1 instead of Windows 8 SP1.

It also isn’t clear how the update will affect support timetables, or if certain apps won’t run on Windows Blue.

What do we know about Windows Blue?

While there are still a lot of questions, this is what we do know so far: Windows Blue seems to be a relatively minor update to Windows 8.

If an alleged leaked build is real, Windows 8 will get some interface tweaks in Windows Blue. One of the most notable changes is the ability to display up to four apps simultaneously, allowing for more multitaksing. In addition, Windows 8.1 lets users change the sizes of the apps that are displayed — currently, Windows 8 can only display two apps in a 75/25 ratio.

The leaked build also features re-sizable tiles and new customizations for the Start Screen, as well as a greater ability to sync settings and apps across multiple Windows devices.

But other than those tweaks, those who have downloaded the leak report say things are pretty much the same — though more changes could certainly be incorporated later.

We’ll keep you posted as the launch update comes closer. Microsoft is expected to release a preview of Windows 8.1 at the company’s Build developer conference in June, The Verge reports.

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