Windows 8 in business? Not for PCs, says researcher

Will your organization consider using Windows 8 for its fleet of PCs once that new operating system is released? Probably not, at least according to one group of experts. 

Windows 8 will be ‘largely irrelevant’ for PC users, says tech research firm IDC in its list of 2012 IT predictions.

As we covered earlier, the upcoming OS so far appears to be largely geared toward tablet users, with its touch-centric interface that more closely resembles Microsoft smartphones than previous versions of Windows for desktops.

According to IDC, Microsoft looks like it’s trying to offer the best of both worlds for tablet and PC users — and the end result will be desktop and laptop users seeing no benefit in upgrading to Windows 8 from a previous version.

Additionally, the radical change in user interface could lead to even more application compatibility issues than users experienced with Vista, which was one of the big reasons organizations chose to skip that much-maligned OS.

Upgrades will be least likely among businesses that are moving to Windows 7 or have done so already, IDC says. And as Microsoft and other tech researchers have pointed out, organizations will have to if they want to avoid running XP after Microsoft officially ends support for it.

Of course, predictions about Windows 8’s value for businesses could change once more is know about the OS. IT will have a clearer picture once Windows 8’s beta is released, which Microsoft has announced will be late next February.

What does your organization have planned for operating system upgrades? Have you moved or are planning to move to Windows 7? Waiting for Windows 8? Let us know in the comments section below.