Windows 8 won’t update third-party applications

Many tech experts say it’s in Microsoft’s best interest to enhance its OS security by offering updates for third-party apps through Windows Update. However, the company has announced that feature won’t be included in the upcoming Windows 8. 

The message came at the end of a blog post written by Farzana Rahman, the group programming manager for Windows 8. Rahman said Microsoft will continue its current practice of only offering updates for Microsoft products and third party device drivers required to run Windows.

Many experts have recommended Microsoft include updates for common third-party software in order to increase the security of Windows PCs. Many vulnerabilities are left open because users lose track of the multiple tools needed for patching applications.

And while Rahman said Microsoft agrees that using multiple updaters is less than optimal, she said it would be impossible to push additional updates through Microsoft’s multi-step process of screening, testing and authenticating updates.

Still, analysts aren’t so sure that’s the case. Some have pointed out that even pushing updates for a very small number of nearly ubiquitous third-party programs (for example, Flash and Adobe Reader) could do a lot to make Windows machines more secure, according to a recent ComputerWorld article.