Windows 7 now used on 20% of computers

The newest version of Windows has hit an adoption milestone that Vista never reached.

Windows 7 is now installed on 20.9% of computers, according to recent statistics from Net Applications.

Meanwhile Vista’s share fell compared to previous numbers, now down to 12.1%. So did XP’s, though that OS is still by far the most popular at 56.7%. Overall, Windows’ market share dropped to 90.3% — down nearly two points since last year.

What do these numbers mean? For one thing, that users and businesses have warmed up to Windows 7 in a way they never did to Vista.

But the stats also emphasize XP’s lingering popularity. Net Applications estimate that if XP’s continues to drop at the same rate, it will still be used on 12.6% of all PCs in the spring of 2014, which is when its support will officially expire.

  • Lynn Lievonen

    I have Windows 7 and used to have XP. Both allow me to access company work email from home. Vista never allowed that, so it was a big taboo for me.