More people running Windows 7 than XP, report says

Many businesses are still clinging to their old Windows XP installations, but as the end of support for that operating system draws near, Windows 7 is taking over as the more frequently installed OS. 

In fact, according to one recent report, Windows 7 is now installed on more machines than XP.

That’s the word from a study of Internet tracking data published by research firm StatCounter. In the analysis of more than 15 billion website visits in October from around the globe, StatCounter found 40.5% coming from machines with Windows 7 installed, compared to 38.5% with XP.

Windows 7 took shares away from XP, as well as the much-maligned Windows Vista, which accounted for just 11.2% of traffic.

Data from some similar studies still has XP on top, but the fact remains that Windows 7 is gaining steam while XP’s time runs out.

Microsoft will officially end support for XP in April 2014. That’s still more than two years away, but many experts recommend businesses at least start planning their next OS move now.

IT may have a lot of issues to work around during a transition to a new OS, such as testing applications and solving software incompatibility problems.